Typical Technological Trickery

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“Open another window,” commanded Daisy, without turning around. “There aren’t any more.” “Well, we’d better telephone for an axe ——”

— F. Scott Fitzgerald, "The Great Gatsby"

There were times when she wanted to say: Get down on your knees! Be grateful! A billion people living on a dollar a day, as many who can’t find clean drinking water, you live in a country where there is a promise to feed, clothe, shelter and doctor you, from the moment of your birth to the moment of your death, for free, where the state won’t come and beat or imprison you or conscript you, where the life expectancy is one of the longest in the world, where the government does not lie to you about Aids, where the music is not bad and the only bad thing is the climate, and you find it in yourself to complain about parking? Woe, woe! Down on your knees in gratitude that you can even notice this minor irritation! Praise God for the fact that you resent getting this ticket, instead of rending your clothes with grief because you lost another child to dysentery or malaria! Sing hosannas when you fill out the little green form in the envelope stuck to your windshield! For you, you of the deservedly punished five-minute overstay, you of the misinterpreted residents’ bay area, you of the ignored Loading Only sign, are of all people who have lived the most fortunate!

— John Lanchester, "Capital"

This we did. Rickey and I and Ponzo and Terry sat drinking and shouting with the music; little baby Johnny goofed with other childen around the jukebox. The sun began to get red. Nothing had been accomplished. What was there to accomplish? ‘Mañana,’ said Rickey. ‘Mañana, man, we make it; have another beer, man, dah you go, dah you go!’

— Jack Kerouac, "On the Road (Penguin Modern Classics)"

they stand uncertainly underneath immense skies, and everything about them is drowned.

— Jack Kerouac, "On the Road (Penguin Modern Classics)"

My warmest wishes to you Joyce. I can’t follow your banner any more than you can follow mine. But the world is wide and there is room for both of us to be wrong.

— H. G. Wells, "http://www.theparisreview.org/blog/2016/09/21/who-the-hell-is-this-joyce/"

You began Catholic, that is to say you began with a system of values in stark opposition to reality. Your mental existence is obsessed by a monstrous system of contradictions.

— H. G. Wells, "http://www.theparisreview.org/blog/2016/09/21/who-the-hell-is-this-joyce/"

No one can learn topology merely by poring over the definitions, theorems, and examples that are worked out in the text. One must work part of it out for oneself.

— J. Munkres, "Topology"